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When I decided to make rubi-sensei dot blogspot dot com private (since I don't really have the drive to blog anymore then), not long after that, I started a new blog specifically for Shaklee sharing experience (when I was on hiatus mode from teaching, mid 2013 until Oct 2015).

The url for the blog was (PS: ana-bikhair means I am fine, I am healthy). I even purchased the domain approximately a year after becoming an SID (Shaklee Independent Distributor). However, the relationship with the domain lasted for only two years (^-^'). Didn't see the point of renewing the domain when I could not maintain the daily post or even weekly posts. ha ha. Then the blog url change from rubisensei dot com to

Just recently, I have this thought, why I didn't simply import all the blog entries from that blog to this rubi-sensei blog. It will be much simpler to maintain (read: post once in three months, maybe. ha ha). Anyho…


>> Banyak ke nak kena tanda kertas? Tak siap-siap lagi dah seminggu lebih ni.
Well, I need to mark 3 level (Year 4, 5, 6). Total number of students (42,36,32 = 110 students). We have 2 papers for each student. Paper 013 & 014. Pemahaman & Penulisan. For Pemahaman, the MCQs is only 20 questions, the rest are all subjective questions (the type of questions that you cannot use the template to mark). 3 social expression questions and approximately 12-14 subjective questions. Did I give you the number of students? Oh, yes, I did. So you multiply the questions by 110 ☺️. That's for Pemahaman.
Here's for Penulisan. We have 3 sections. Section A is basically information transfer, 5 questions. Need to check on the phrases. Not an essay-type of question. Multiply the 5 questions by 110 ☺️.
Now for Section B (i) we have 3 direct questions (just state/give answers - easy to mark, but still, multiply the 3 questions by 110 ☺️). Then Section B (ii) is where we have the emails/let…

Stinky. Stinky PITA people.

Yesterday I googled my ex-Year 1 teacher when I was in primary school. Thought of catching up with primary school cikgus. I do not know.. it just happened that my memory with her, flashed-back quite number of times these two-three days. She taught me English. Nothing came up relevant, except there was this one blog post: Seingat aku, aku pernah ditampar waktu aku darjah satu oleh Cikgu Norzzzztah. Aku sendiri serious shit tak paham apsal cikgu tu tampar aku. Apa dia ingat aku ni punching bag dia ke? Tapi itu memang buatkan aku takkan lupa nama cikgu tu. Dan sejak dari tu memang aku sembunyikan rasa kesakitan aku dari mummy dan papa.
'Ditampar'. (I have never been slapped by the cikgu, but yes, she left me with this bitter memory when she threw my exercise book. I was only seven 😞).
I was numb for few seconds & had this thought, What will come out IF my children googled me? Yes, I have never slapped any child on his/her face. Never ever hit them with broom or force them to…


Its been a while since my last post. I don't know why today I have this urge to login to my blogger account and start ranting. Was assigned to teach Year 6 in February. What I had in hand was 100 failures. TOV less than 40marks. Please bear in mind, I was on hiatus mode from teaching for 2 1/2 years. Frankly, it was challenging. With the new format, the never-ending politics at workplace, to name a few. However, luckily, I have good group-support from seniors and dedicated teachers. 
Alhamdulillah, the children took the UPSR exam in September and yes, the result was released on 17th November 2016. Still not able to score 100% passing rate for both of the papers (BI Pemahaman & BI Penulisan) but I am grateful. One of my special education kid also pass one of my papers. He just joined the mainstream class January this year. I AM PROUD OF YOU, all my children.
Watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life last week and wonder, how can they look almost the same lik…

sayonara is no longer renewed hence not available for viewing ( and many hyperlinks from previous entries also will not working).

anyhow, thank you for being with me for 2 years, rubisensei dot com.

:) sayonara

on modesty & pride

'People You May Know' section at my FB Newsfeed suggesting woman in niqab to be added as my friend. Malay, niqab and heavy eyeshadowed is the profile pic.
I just don't get it. I thought niqab will promote modesty, apart from additional safety for woman. Then whats with the heavy make up?
We know the eyes is the biggest fitnah, if not the face. Then, why do you put all the effort to make people look (or stare) at you twice (or more) by applying the eyeshadowed, mascara whatnots when you cover your face?
To all Niqabis, beware of the thin line between MODESTY and PRIDE.
Just beware. Be careful.
To me, niqab acts as additional reminder.
Reminder to be good. Speak good. Do good. NOT because hijab is too 'mainstream'.. its because I'm just ordinary, weak person who in need of additional, constant reminder. It DOES NOT implying that I practice the religion more than the others. It DOES NOT implying that hey, I'm beautiful, I must cover my face. It DOES NOT implying th…


Why this blog has been seriously neglected?
priorities. fail to set priorities? don't really have a solid answer for that.
may Allah ease us all.
2016 gonna be a tough period for most private sectors and those who are on contract-basis in government sector.
retrenchment is happening almost everywhere, since second quarter of 2015 and the number of people losing their jobs has accelerated by Jan 2016. no sign that this phenomenon is going to stop anytime soon, especially when the oil prices keep on falling. heard the continuous fall in oil prices is the only way the gulf countries (Saudi in particular) can pressure the US and Israel from invading Palestine's and Syrians' rights. wallahu'alam.
and recently, there's this news of redeployment of teachers in my district. Allah ya Allah.
may Allah ease us all. may we continue to be His truthful and righteous servant, especially at tough time like this. aamiin.
------- signing off and still learning to set priorities right, Rubi 060…