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lots of things that happened lately really got on my nerves. really. my patience running thin. or maybe I'm just a person with no patience at all. there are many sayings of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w or quotations from the caliphates r.a on this subject. There is this saying of caliph Umar that I always remembered - "Acquire knowledge, and for acquiring knowledge learn to be calm and clement". same goes with this one from caliph Ali r.a. "Know that patience, if viewed against one's affairs is like the head to the body. If the head leaves the body the whole body will be spoiled, likewise, if patience leaves, all affairs will be spoiled". True enough. but one might say, I'm just an ordinary person, I'm not ma'sum, sometimes, there are things that you just cannot stand. I said that to myself just now. and few times this week. but when try to think about it again, I felt ashamed with myself. what I've experienced recently is n…