pindah rumah

When I decided to make rubi-sensei dot blogspot dot com private (since I don't really have the drive to blog anymore then), not long after that, I started a new blog specifically for Shaklee sharing experience (when I was on hiatus mode from teaching, mid 2013 until Oct 2015).

The url for the blog was (PS: ana-bikhair means I am fine, I am healthy). I even purchased the domain approximately a year after becoming an SID (Shaklee Independent Distributor). However, the relationship with the domain lasted for only two years (^-^'). Didn't see the point of renewing the domain when I could not maintain the daily post or even weekly posts. ha ha. Then the blog url change from rubisensei dot com to

Just recently, I have this thought, why I didn't simply import all the blog entries from that blog to this rubi-sensei blog. It will be much simpler to maintain (read: post once in three months, maybe. ha ha). Anyhow, 27/10/2017 marked the pindah rumah.



hi rubi sensei. miss you hahaaaa.....sebab hang tak tulis sangat aku nak tgk bila hang check komen aku ni... :p